About Bell Laminates

BELL the name is well versed for its trust, legacy and quality ceramic products. With the same passion and vigor; BELL has ventured into the Premium Quality Decorative Laminates sector.

Bell brings you the world class Premium Quality Decorative Laminates aiming at the latest cutting-edge machinery synchronized with the ultra-modern manufacturing facilities with technical support from a Korean company to satisfy your quench of art, décor and style of the future.

Bell Laminates Know Us Better

BELL laminates has all the feature of the great laminates use it to your advantage. BELL laminates it for beauty and protection.

  • First Company in India to have Collaboration with Korean Company
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified processes for quality assurance of international standards
  • 100% European & Japanese base paper for crystal-clear prints and patterns
  • Latest double head sanding technology for better striking laminates
  • Termite-proof and therefore, anxiety-proof
  • The unique technology with strong in house R & D makes BELL laminates a superior product in design finish, range, variety and quality.

Bell Laminates Highlights

  • Manufactured using best quality Kraft paper
  • 100% Melamine resin & 100% Phynolic resin
  • Use of best chemical raw materials for better flexibility and durability
  • PP wrapping film for surface protection till completion of furnishing work for P.G.

Vision of Bell Laminates

  • To Introduce new and vibrant special Design in exclusive texture finished.
  • To Introduce Branded Veneer Laminates First time in India.
  • To Set up latest Korean Digital Printing Machinery for Digital design range.
  • To provide the customers best of the quality products
  • Leadership through Reliability & Honesty.
  • Value for money without compromising in Quality, Services, Designs & Product awareness.

Core Value of Product

Premium Quality Decorative Laminates:

BELL laminates come with the widest choice of designs; textures and finish, there are 200 different designs in the wood grains, metalino, and plain range. The wood feels range is particularly large and includes various designs to the market. To top it there are 18 wonderful finishes or surfaces to yield (200x18=3600) existing design possibility. Ready to set your imagination free and create the decor of your fancy.